Friday, September 28, 2012

Portrait of a Friday Night

Dearest Readers,

I feel as though this relationship has become very one sided.  However, I've made a commitment, a vow if you will, to be loyal to you.  Sure you never thank me for the dinners I make or taking the kids to and from all their activities or keeping a clean and tidy blog, but dammit, I love you and your stalker-like readership.  What can I say? I CAN'T QUIT YOU.

So the week could have been worse.  Columbus was a very stress-free trip.  Great town, easy to navigate, not so big yet that traffic sucks, really friendly people.  Here's a photo if you've never been:

Nice right?  Surprisingly, my flights were mostly on time.  If you don't pay attention (or for my international readers haven't heard the news) there is apparently some fracas with the airline (which shall remain nameless) and it's employees.  Just know that it is an American airline(s).  Overall, an easy trip.  Here's some guy named after the city:

Apparently he discovered something or some kind of shit.  Who knows?  To me he looks like some random Italian guy who could scam money off of rich Spaniards, but what do I know?

Other than that, things are out of crisis mode and into a marginally-structured chaos which I at least tolerate if not find some sort of comfort in because nothing says good times like having the best laid plans blow up like a scene from The Godfather.

The good news is I get to go for a health screening tomorrow morning and find out how much damage I've done to my person since...I don't want to count back that far.  Hopefully, the last 12-ish weeks of living healthier will erase decades of abuse.  Has to, right?

I am feverishly searching for additional Big Foot news as I know that you as readers of this blog who may or may not even speak English are big fans of The Foot.  Trust me dearest reader.  I am looking and nothing but the best will do for you.

Until the next time with fingers crossed for Big Foot news.  Let's be safe out there, dearest readers.

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