Monday, June 2, 2014

Loneliness Bites

Dearest Readers,

Sometimes it's difficult to understand one's place in the world.  At times, loneliness cuts to the bone.  You do the things you are supposed to do, live a (moderately) clean life, love your fellow man, and in the end? You end up alone watching reruns of cop shows at 10 PM. Fortunately, most of the people I care about and for have someone with them tonight, or at least they have someone in their lives who care for them.  For that I am thankful.  As the Mick and I always said, we don't go home until we know everyone else is on the way home.  Night bus in Trafalgar Square. Drunk on the moon.

So I guess I am sitting here writing to you feeling bad for myself, but knowing the whole time I am the author of my own fate (or as the Irish would say "The otter of my own fat" not my line.  Stolen from Laura Kightlinger, one of the funniest stand ups ever).  I don;t know what this is. It's not a Dumpdate, it's not a standard post, it's just a lonely person in the universe who's so tired of being lonely.

There will be no updates of bigfoot today, no photos of meals cooked, no music discovered, nor book reviews of novels read.  I just really feel adrift tonight and needed to get it out.

As always,
Your humblest of servants,

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