Friday, January 11, 2013


Dearest Readers,

There is much to discuss.  Unfortunately, this post will be a random collection of mind dumps and updates.  Mostly for my benefit and hopefully your amusement.  Thus the title.  Dearest readers, I give you the inaugural "Dumpdate" post.  I liked it better than "Updumps".  Feel free to use either title as you see fit.

Sorry.  I was crossing some sort of line with you as a reader which is pretty arrogant of me as the writer.

I don't do resolutions for years that are new to us all.  A rebirth if you will...or won't. Sure, go with that.  Feeling a bit jaded this evening.  Things should be getting sorted out, and yet they aren't.  Why can't life just comply with my wishes?

Life is supposed to get easier as you get older, not more difficult.  I guess when you spend a good deal of time focusing on what you aren't doing, you miss out on all the things you do right, right? Aging has been a very strange process for me.

I wake up with a child's enthusiasm each and every day.  I don't really care about work other than that I kick massive amounts of ass when I get there.  What can I say? I truly like the competitive nature of the corporate workplace.The walking into a  moderately-priced hotel, checking in as a person they may or may not know based on if I've stayed there before and my hotel status.

Soooo, there's that.

The marital status is still in a holding pattern above the landing strip, but at least it's on the clock officially now.  Got a strange text last night that was subtly backhanded and yet also remorse.  While confusing, it only reinforced that what I'm doing is the right thing for me and that I have been too willing to put up with the status quo for too long.  Things have been on hold much too much.

Work travel starts again soon.  Posts from the road will begin shortly.

I know it's been a week or so and I felt obligated to post something.  This was started and restarted several times.  The realization was finally that I was just being whishywashy.  Hope the new year was great for all reading and may we all have a better 13 than 12.  As always.

Your humblest of servants,

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