Saturday, September 6, 2014


Dearest Reader,

I give you the sexiest poem ever by one of the oddest, and dare I say favorite, humans ever. Mr. Vaughn  Bode:

Who could it have been that I feeled up
On wiley last Wednesday,
Just a day before thirsty Thursday the first?

I can remember the sky water was all rained out
down to the ground in splashy cocoa puddles...
I was just stompin, squashin' home...
Slippin, sliden, decidin' if I can ever find
a pretty piece of pink pussy to do again...

All a sudden, in front, right there,
rooted smack into my very next puddle,
Stood the biggest best box girl
I ever did saw with my tawny sea blue orbs!
I combed up my lashes 'cause I don't got no hair
and I snuck from behind her like a nimble stalking, bare...

"Hiya," I goes groovy-loud
and flings my grab round her big pink leg...
I thumb testily at her super-best hair...

Agosh, the big box girl showered surprise
but moved just da way to show me
no hurt and no noggin lumps
for my copper brash grabs...
So I grabbed dis and dat and stuck at things, too,
as we standed last Wednesday like a puddle of two... 

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